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You can display the '''Actions''' toolbar in the following ways (at [[Levels|middle or professional level]]):
#redirect [[Tools toolbar]]
* Choose '''[[Window menu|Window]] : Toolbars : Actions''' from the [[main menu]]
* Click '''Actions''' on the [[toolbar dock]]
=== Toolbar buttons ===
* '''Open collection''' - open a collection for use with SuperMemo
* '''New collection''' - create a new empty [[Glossary#collection|collection]]
* '''Repair collection''' (''Ctrl+F12'') -  test the [[Glossary#collection|collection]] and recover from integrity problems (e.g. resulting from physical damage to [[collection files]])
* '''Lexicon''' - open the lexicon registry that makes it possible to locate individual words used in the [[Glossary#collection|collection]] (except for words used in pictures, [[OLE component|OLE objects]], etc.)
* '''Texts''' - open the texts [[Glossary#registry|registry]] with all texts used in the [[Glossary#collection|collection]]
* '''Images''' - open the image registry
* '''Sounds''' - open the sound registry
* '''Fonts''' - open the font registry with fonts that are used by plain text components, sound components and spelling components
* '''Classic layout''' - arrange windows in the manner known from [http://supermemo.com/english/sms.htm early versions of SuperMemo], i.e. with the [[Statistics window|statistics window]] conveniently aligned to the left of the [[Glossary#element_window|element window]]. This arrangement is useful when you make repetitions and like to constantly follow you progress in learning.
* '''Save layout as default''' (''Shift+Ctrl+F5'') - save the current layout of windows and toolbars as your default layout. This layout will be automatically applied each time you enter the currently used collection
* '''Apply default layout''' (''Ctrl+F5'') - restore the windows layout last saved with '''[[Window menu|Window]] : [[Window menu#Layout|Layout]] : Save as default''' or the previous toolbar button it corresponds with
* '''Component ClipBox''' - a temporary cache that can be used in copying components between elements
* '''Disable scripts and players''' - disable scripts (e.g. to stop a script that ran into an endless loop) and players (e.g. to turn off sounds in a computer without a sound board)
* '''Hints''' - turn on/off displaying [[Glossary#hint|hints]] when the mouse hovers over various controls. In addition, this option affects whether the [[status bar]] shows the hints when the mouse pauses over a menu option

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