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If these are your first hours with SuperMemo 17, this page includes some startup information that you might find useful.


  • your order is entirely electronic, i.e. you will not receive a copy of the program by airmail


  • if you need to download or re-download SuperMemo 17, please write to receive assistance
  • once you purchase the program, you should see a Download button. The button is rather small and some users missed it when ordering the program. Theoretically, the button might also not show up due to a technical glitch (e.g. error when loading the page). If you fail to download while ordering, you can always download later. Please write for help


  • run the downloaded file (sm17inst.exe) to install SuperMemo. Note that newer Windows will complain of lack of digital signature marking the file as "Unknown Publisher". You can ignore that warning by choosing More info, and Run anyway (in Windows)
  • if you have not installed SuperMemo yet, see installation instructions


  • please use File : Installation : Input password, or use Ctrl+I, to insert the unlock password. You should have already received your password via e-mail
  • you are not likely to need the password again. You can always get it from us via e-mail on request
  • if you cannot provide the password because File : Installation : Input password is inactive, your SuperMemo must have already been unlocked
  • if you get a message "Wrong password" please check if:
    1. your CapsLock is off,
    2. you used capital letters in the password where needed, and
    3. if you are using SuperMemo 17 (i.e. not SuperMemo 2008, SuperMemo 15, or SuperMemo 17 Beta or Gamma, etc.). Choose Help : About in SuperMemo to see which version you are using.
The best way to insert the password is to just paste it from Startup Instructions e-mail

First steps

Please have a look at those text that should help you progress into advanced learning with SuperMemo:

If you need to Google for help files, use Ctrl+F3 in SuperMemo (e.g. Help Wiki (SuperMemo)), not straight Google. It is easy to hit wrong pages relevant to older versions of SuperMemo.


  • use F1 in SuperMemo to open help pages relevant to the context
  • you can post your questions at supermemopedia.com. You can register under your name or use universal user: "SuperMemoUser" with password "SuperMemo". See below


If you need help, use Help : E-mail : Bug report in SuperMemo to include your system data in your inquiries.

Other useful e-mail addresses (in 2020):

  • use help2020(AT)supermemo.org to get help
  • use bug2020(AT)supermemo.org to report bugs and problems
  • use shop2020(AT)supermemo.org to receive instructions, passwords, download links, etc.

If you do not get a reply to your inquiries, please check your mail spam folder, or write again. If you have problems with getting in touch via e-mail, you can always communicate your problems via supermemopedia.com. You can register under your name or use universal user: "SuperMemoUser" with password "SuperMemo". See below

Upgrading collections

  • Old collections: you may need to download SuperMemo 16 to upgrade older collections. SuperMemo 16 is free for users of SuperMemo 17. You can receive a download link upon request
  • Preserving Contents: see if your categories upgraded correctly to concepts (e.g. to avoid pitfalls). Check if root and hook settings are correct. Avoid using the main element as the root in large/complex collections
  • Efficient learning: if you have a mature learning process going on in your collection, use F7 and Compute to compute accurate DSR model data (that makes the new algorithm run most effectively)
  • Learning performance: please have a peek at Tools [menu] : Statistics : Analysis : Use [top] : Efficiency [bottom] : R-Metric [bottom] from time to time. The graph should hover above zero. If you get negative outcomes, please get in touch. Your learning may progress slower if you do not remedy.


If your version of SuperMemo 17 is dated before Oct 3, 2016 (Build 17.1), please update by running sm17inst.exe again (choose Update).

Some annoying bugs you might find in Build 17.00:

  • some items would be ignored by Algorithm SM-17 (no R:S variables computed in upgraded collections)(e.g. items transferred from other collections, or items with Repetition=0 in repetition history record)
  • final drill and pending stages of learning were reversed. This made final drill and learning new material difficult
  • collection transfer could result in changing root/hook setup in concepts
  • default backup folder was nested in the collection itself
  • SuperMemo 17 metric log would fail in you used a different decimal separator in Windows (e.g. comma in Polish Windows)


SuperMemopedia.com is your best place to receive help, report bugs and suggest improvements to SuperMemo.

To post your questions:

  1. Go to http://supermemopedia.com
  2. Click "Log in" (top right corner)
  3. Type Username: "SuperMemoUser"
  4. Type Password: "SuperMemo"
  5. Click the "Log in" button
  6. Click Ask Your Question (on the left)

Use Recent changes at SuperMemopedia to see recent edits to questions you have added