Minimum requirements

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  • Windows 10 (recommended). Older versions may show minor interface glitches, but SuperMemo should still be usable even in Windows XP. Ask for a trial version if you want to be sure. In Windows 7 use Windows Aero scheme
  • 1 GB memory
  • 20 MB free disk space (more recommended for larger collections of learning material; for example, Advanced English without sounds requires 140 MB)
  • screen resolution 1200x800 (some dialogs may be hard to use at 800x600)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (recommended). Older versions back to Internet Explorer 8 should also work showing minor incompatibilities in parsing HTML or interpreting stylesheets. IE 8 is recommended for Windows XP. In newer Windows, you will get best results with the latest available version of IE (with all recent security updates)

Requirements for upgrade from older versions of SuperMemo

  • SuperMemo 16 for Windows (full, light, or trial) to upgrade collections used with SuperMemo 98 Freeware, SuperMemo 2004 Freeware, SuperMemo 10 thru 15, or Multimedia SuperMemo. SuperMemo 16 is free for users of SuperMemo 18 (ask for download instructions if needed)
  • SuperMemo 2004 (freeware, trial, or equivalent) to upgrade collections used with SuperMemo 6 for DOS or SuperMemo 7 for Windows

Additional requirements for special functions

  • to use e-mail in SuperMemo: MAPI-compliant e-mail software for Windows (e.g. Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, MS Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.)
  • to use automatic e-mail import in incremental learning: Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, or MS Outlook 2000 or later (Windows Live Mail recommended)
  • to use sounds and video: sound board (e.g. for Advanced English) with fully functional MCI driver set
  • to use collections distributed on CDs: CD-ROM drive
  • to use collections distributed on DVDs: DVD drive