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Support Policy Statement

All users of SuperMemo are entitled to free support via the Internet. However, we are no longer able to process all individual support queries. Please consider the documentation on the web as the primary source of support.

The following types of mail messages will still be processed in the first order:

  • Mail with problems that may result in loss of your investment in learning (e.g. through loss of data)
  • Mail with grave complaints about SuperMemo not fulfilling its promise of accelerated learning

Independently, the following types of mail will receive high priority:

  • Mail with suggestions for improving the documentation
  • Mail resulting from gaps in the documentation

No mail will be ignored or discarded. However, the order of processing will reflect priority, not the order of arrival. This change in policy comes from the belief that the solution to the increasing number of support requests is not in adding people to hurrying short e-mail responses, but to improve the quality of on-line documentation serving many. This way we hope to shift resources from fire-fighting to construction

SuperMemo is complex

SuperMemo for Windows is well-known for its steep-learning curve. If you feel lost, read this paragraph carefully:

Many users gradually move from being highly annoyed with the complexity, terminology and design quirks of SuperMemo to being fluent and satisfied learners! The key to success is patience, the study of the documentation, and a gradual discovery of the toolset offered by SuperMemo! This process takes time but the patient ones are rewarded with a new quality in learning! Begin with ABC of SuperMemo and proceed with more complex aspects of the program gradually. It is very important to become fluent with the terminology and the language of SuperMemo. Your first readings will be exhausting, but you will gain mastery over time! Continue with Step by step guide to SuperMemo Mastery. Spread your reading over a longer time so that it could dovetail with practical experience!

How to get answers?

If you encounter a question about SuperMemo you cannot answer, please follow the steps below:

  1. SuperMemo Documentation: Check the table of contents in this help file and try to navigate to a page with the answer to your problem. If you do not find it there where you expected it, please note exactly why. This is very important to improve the documentation! Remember that in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, or Opera, you can use Ctrl+F to search a page for a keyword you are looking for. You can use the Edit tab in the editable/wiki version of the documentation and leave your notes, corrections, questions, or simple question marks for the gaps to be filled and difficult concepts to be explained
  2. SuperMemo FAQ files: If you cannot find the answer in the table of contents, try to find it in editable Wiki FAQ files
  3. Full-text search: If the answer is not in FAQ files, try the header search box at
  4. Ask Support: To ask questions about SuperMemo, use Ask at You can also use Wiki FAQ. Click Edit and write down your questions at the bottom of the page. If you are not familiar with Wiki, write your questions unformatted. They will be formatted/corrected for you at later time
  5. Support via e-mail: If you still cannot find the answer do the following:
    1. Read this disclaimer: Questions sent to SuperMemo Support are used to enhance the FAQ section at FAQ questions are automatically tagged by inquirer's name and the date of the inquiry. If you wish to remain anonymous, please state so at the beginning of your message (or use an anonymous mail account name). Authors of questions do not receive payments for their contributions
    2. Questions will often be answered via SuperMemoPedia. You should receive a notification via e-mail. If you do not, please monitor recent changes at
    3. When e-mailing questions, please try to explain why you could not find the answer to your problem in on-line documentation: what you searched for, where, and with what keywords. This is very important to improve customer service!
    4. For support in English, use Help : E-mail : Support in SuperMemo. You can also use the following address: help2023 (AT) supermemo (DOT) org. For support in languages other than English, write to your reseller. For other versions of SuperMemo, e.g. on-line SuperMemo,, iPhone, Android, etc. use the general support mail address: support(AT)supermemo(.)com (please note that this e-mail address is queued and only most urgent inquires receive timely replies)
  6. Support via phone: We do not provide support by phone in English. Check for exceptions at your local reseller for your national language support. Limited support in Polish and English is available for the registered users of Extreme English DVD and paying customers of

Feature request

You can help improve the documentation!

If you have trouble locating information on this website or you need an overview of some features in SuperMemo do one of the following:

  • recommended: leave your question marks at relevant pages in SuperMemo Help (click the Edit tab to start writing)
  • leave your suggestions at SuperMemopedia
  • send an e-mail (e.g. using Help : E-mail : Bug report in SuperMemo)

We know that only by providing you with excellent documentation, we can cut down on support costs!

Thank you for your contributions.

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