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I think this one of those things that makes SuperMemo overly hard to use. You call it a Browser, but don't use the word "Browser" anywhere on the menus. When you open the "Browser", even the blue title bar at the top doesn't call it a "Browser". So it takes an "ah-ha" moment when the poor user (like me, who has been using SuperMemo for 5 years), finally learns the terminology.

Perhaps it should be called a "Viewer" or the menus should be called "Browse" instead of "View". I doubt you will change that because so many people are used to it, but the documentation can certainly explain the inconsistencies for those who actually do take the time to read the doc.

The page might still suggest (although not explicitly) that to open the Browser you would like for "Browser" somewhere on the "View" menu.

Thanks, Neal


if we have your kind native assistence in the days the names were picked, we might not have all those confusion moments :) "browser" was inherited from SuperMemo 7. probably in the early 1990s. probably this name was more often used in software? "View" is a user suggestion ("make SuperMemo look/sound like Windows software"). browser seems more logical (element window is a "viewer"), but "Browse" instead of "View" on the menu seems like a better choice. considering a million places in documentation where "browser" is used, perhaps changing View : All to View : Browse all could do a bit of help? (note there is "View : Last browser" there).

please free to comment further, naming is important

p.s. this is unclear "to open the Browser you would like for "Browser" somewhere on the "View" menu"