What's new in SuperMemo 18?

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  • 40 predefined themes (skins)(see video)
  • each collection can use its own theme (skin)
  • all toolbars available as tabs at the bottom of the element window
  • emojis used for grades instead of grade names (names known from previous SuperMemos can be restored via Options)

    Emoji-based grade panel in SuperMemo 18

    Figure: In SuperMemo 18, grades are illustrated with vivid emojis by default. If you prefer the old text-based grades (i.e. Great, Pass, Bad, etc.), uncheck Grade icons in Toolkit : Options : SuperMemo.


  • SuperMemo 18 has been recompiled with Delphi 10.2 Tokyo
  • minimizing add on units to capitalize on native Delphi support
  • resetting statistics at Memorized=0 does not reset the collection, only deletes files

Bugs fixed

  • https:// image import could fail if https files allowed of no http access
  • occasionally, RTF files would fail to upgrade to HTML (old format would be retained)
  • Alarm : Start could instantly raise the alarm for time>0


  • No more floating toolbars
  • No more toolbar dock
  • No more translation import and export via text
  • Window:Select:Next window removed
  • No more stray repetition export from repetition history
  • Additional repetition history warnings Wrong repetition, grade and lapses match can only be fixed manually (e.g. Fix and Edit)


  • extended Q&A text import (incl. Anki cloze)
  • simplified code with a great deal of refactoring
  • 440 improvements and bug fixes


Exemplary skin types (themes) used in SuperMemo 18 (Window : Themes):