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  • Web import: importing from Edge (Chrome also supported)
    • text can be imported as plain text where formatting makes incremental reading harder
    • text can be imported as plain text from the browser where the site refuses a direct download from the URL
    • most PDFs can be imported as plain text (i.e. not as HTML or original PDF)
    • imported texts can optionally be run through a parser (e.g. to filter out advertising, headers, sidebars, footers, etc.)(i.e. "non content clutter")
    • selections can be imported as HTML, plain text or parsed HTML
    • tab preview in web imports
    • tab delete in web imports
    • duplicate element preview in web imports
    • duplicate tab delete in web imports
    • duplicate element delete in web imports (Ctrl+Del)
    • hiding the browser from imports when the browser is minimized
    • YouTube texts import along the video
    • imported article can be re-opened parsed if import quality was unsatisfactory (Shift+click on the Reference link button)
    • automatic import node title based on the titles of the imported documents
  • Collection chooser:
    • unlimited number of collections (limited to 26 letters of the alphabet in SuperMemo 18)
    • incremental search for favorite collections
  • extracts on external sites
  • Go to the Last Child in Contents, concept box, and in the element window (Ctrl+Down) is helpful in the navigation of the knowledge tree
  • total knowledge can be computed for a subset (along total consolidation, average retrievability, and average stability)
  • Priority protection expressed as position, which helps track progress through the priority queue
  • dual monitor support (multi-monitor layouts)
  • YouTube forwards as embeds (clips)
  • flatter YouTube control panel for a larger display area
  • Concepts
  • Download the original makes it possible to update the imported page
  • Repetition history:
  • thumbs used in import if PNG files cannot be retrieved
  • SleepChart:
    • import from Excel allows of merging sleep chart files
    • separate collections may use different sleep chart files (e.g. for two users of the same installation). Used file is displayed in the caption
    • night sleep trailing average to show trends in time
    • siesta sleep trailing average to show trends in time
    • learn time trailing average to show trends in time
  • Plan:
    • Begin and Shift allows of shifting and compressing the schedule optimally in case of delays (if you can afford using guidelines instead of deadlines)
    • importing a folder of schedules
    • processing statistics en masse
  • simple e-mail for computers without MAPI mail support
  • collections do not get locked when moving around (e.g. with a flashdrive on another PC)
  • collections get unlocked when returning to the original computer

Bugs fixed

  • articles are listed ahead of pictures while inspecting duplicates in web import
  • Ancestor window would allow of only 63 levels
  • HTML translations would not work with Ctrl+click
  • translations on mouse move would not work in HTML components
  • transcriptions on mouse move would not work in HTML components
  • YouTube forwards used insecure protocol
  • Facebook IDs would obscure duplicate detection
  • Google Ad IDs would obscure duplicate detection
  • wrong leap year date conversion in statistics
  • script errors in YouTube incremental video
  • script errors when navigating to external sites
  • image download dialog box might hide behind the element window
  • search and replace might trip on some diacritical characters
  • search and replace might trip on angle brackets
  • safer Wikipedia filtering with action=render
  • annoying data comparison at collection merge "Which repetition history data is more accurate?"
  • loss of the main tasklist file would change tasks to topics and dismiss them, which made tasklist loss invisible (until first use)
  • creating concepts at web imports would lock concept files (possible loss of the concept)


SuperMemo 19 for Windows at the Professional level running on two monitors

Figure: SuperMemo 19 for Windows running on two monitors with the Element window maximized for comfort and convenience on one monitor and auxiliary windows (e.g. Contents, Statistics, Element data, Ancestors, etc.) displayed on the other.

Web import in SuperMemo 19

Figure: Web import in SuperMemo 19 from Edge and Chrome

SuperMemo: Importing videos from YouTube for incremental learning

Figure: In the picture above, 10 YouTube videos featuring American biologist and 1972 Nobel prize winner Gerald Edelman are available and selected for automatic import into SuperMemo from MS Edge (for easy use with incremental video). 7 videos have been detected as already imported in the collection and marked as a duplicate (red D icon). The selected videos will be imported as children of a newly added element titled "Web import". The priority of the imported videos will fall in the range of 0.1759-1.2147%

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