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You can display the Alarm toolbar in the following ways (at Middle or higher level) by clicking the Alarm tab at the bottom of the element window.

SuperMemo: Alarm toolbar with an alarm timer and stop-watch at the the bottom of the element window

Figure: The Alarm toolbar at the bottom of the element window. In the picture, the Alarm countdown timer shows 14 min. and 21 sec. until the alarm is raised. The Learning time stopwatch shows the user have spent 3 sec., and 977 milisec. on answering questions since SuperMemo was last opened.

Toolbar option groups

The toolbar features the the following main option groups:


  • Alarm countdown timer - displays how much time is left until the alarm is raised (in yellow), or Alarm! when the time is up
  • Start/Shift - sets the time when the next alarm should be raised. Once the countdown has started, the Set button turns to Shift. By clicking the latter, you can shorten/extend the amount of time until the next alarm
  • Stop - cancel the current alarm, resets the alarm countdown timer, hides the Alarm toolbar and displays the learnbar


  • Learning time stopwatch - displays the total time you spend on answering questions (i.e. it is automatically suspended/stopped once you press the Show answer button). The time you spend on reviewing topics is not included.
  • Start/Pause/Restart - (re)starts/pauses the learning time stopwatch
  • Reset - resets the learning time stopwatch