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Extracts are portions of the learning material that can be processed independently. Extracts can be nested. For example, you can extract chapters from a book, sections from a chapter, paragraphs from a section, and sentences from a paragraph. Sentences can be processed further with cloze deletions.

To extract a portion of the text in incremental reading, select the portion to be extracted and press Alt+X (you can also click the extract icon on the learnbar). The extract will be stored in a separate element, which enters the learning process as the child of the extract's origin.

To extract a portion of a YouTube video, press Start at the beginning of the extracted clip, Stop at the end, and Extract. The extract will be created when you press Alt+X or go to the next element in the outstanding queue.

To extract a portion of an audio or a video file, use the extractor panel of the sound or video component. Press Start, Stop and Extract.

To extract a portion of a picture:

  1. select the picture (click)
  2. press Alt+X
  3. select a portion by dragging the mouse
  4. press Esc

For details see: Visual learning

If you navigate to an external site in SuperMemo (e.g. by clicking a link in a Wikipedia article import), you can also extract a portion of that external site by selecting a portion of the text and pressing the extract icon. This function is useful if your web browser is not fully supported. For example, you can import article links and then process the article inside SuperMemo.