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system of folders for holding multiple files in SuperMemo. Folders in the filespace are organized using a complex algorithm that ensures a minimum folder nesting and minimum access time. Files in the filespace are named 1.*, 2.*, 3.*, etc. Folders and subfolders are named [1], [2], [3], etc. Individual files are placed in individual slots. All files have their extensions retained (e.g. *.htm, *.jpg, *.mp3, *.mp4, etc.). The filespace is held in the subfolder called [ELEMENTS]. When using individual files, SuperMemo usually opens them directly from the filespace. Some files may need to be modified before they are displayed in SuperMemo. Those files are copied to a temporary folder first. The formula for converting filespace slots to folder names is complex and it is easier to search files by their slot names. For example, to find the file in the slot #279310, search [ELEMENTS] for 279310.*. That particular slot falls in the following subfolder: <collection name>\ELEMENTS\30\30\30\ as ELEMENTS\30\30\30\279310.*. Filespace is used in all SuperMemos starting with version 8. In SuperMemo 17, the filespace is limited to 4 folder levels and to 8 million files (exactly: 8,379,310).