Glossary:Neural review

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neural review
subset review that follows meaningful connections between pieces of knowledge. It takes inspiration from how the brain follows associated ideas. Neural review automates the review of knowledge associated with selected concepts or ideas, e.g. in problem solving, creative writing, etc. For example, in a neural review of dogs, there is a good chance of learning about puppies or puddles, but there is also a chance of learning about cats and somewhat lesser chance of learning about cars.
Neural review follows the spreading of activation in a network of inter-element connections. Elements are linked with concepts, other elements, or form connections with their neighbors in the knowledge tree. All those links and connections receive weights based on their importance and the priority of connected elements. Neural review follows those connections and is initiated by executing Learn : Go neural (Ctrl+F2). Neural review carries a degree of randomness. As such it can be very helpful in associating ideas in neural creativity. Find out more: Neural creativity