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Help menu items

Help submenu on the main menu provides the following options:

Welcome - ABC

  • Welcome - ABC - open the welcome page of SuperMemo help with a 3-minute introduction to SuperMemo


  • Guide - open the step-by-step guide with the most important steps towards mastering SuperMemo (one month course)



Hints and tips


  • Context (F1) - open the page most relevant to the current context. For example, if you are in the Contents window, pressing F1 will open the Contents page. To open context help for menus, you need to first select an active menu item for F1 to work (inactive or disabled menu items do not activate help). For example, choose Answer on the component menu and press F1 to get the help page describing the menu.

User survey

  • User survey - open the questionnaire page at You can send your feedback via mail, leave it at, or read notes left by other users. Thank you in advance for your help in improving SuperMemo


  • Web
    • On-line help - open the help file directly from SuperMemo Website
    • YouTube - open a dedicated YouTube channel with video tutorials about SuperMemo
    • Search Wiki Help (Shift+F2) - search SuperMemo Help at This is a wiki version of help and may include comments made by users of SuperMemo. To search the original unchanged help file use Search HTML Help below
    • Search HTML Help - search SuperMemo Help at SuperMemo Website
    • Search SuperMemoPedia - search SuperMemoPedia, i.e. a wiki system created to help users solve their problems
    • Search Web - use Google to search for articles about SuperMemo


  • E-mail
    • Support - open this page on the web
    • Bug report - send a bug report. When reporting a bug, remember to always use this option to ensure your system data and the bug context are included

Question of the Day

  • Question of the Day - equivalent of the tip of the day in other programs. In SuperMemo, tips are formulated as simple questions-and-answers. If you decide to introduce some tips into the learning process, just click the button Remember in the Question of the Day dialog box. If you think a tip is not worth knowing, click Delete. Note that tips in SuperMemo are a mini-metaphor of the SuperMemo paradigm!


  • About - dialog box with the release date of your current SuperMemo. Click Choose picture to change the picture displayed when SuperMemo starts up. If you downloaded SuperMemo from a franchising website, you will also find here the address of your local distributor and information about technical support in your native language; click the underlined reseller's name

SuperMemo: Help : Web submenu that you can use to get more help on SuperMemo on the web

Figure: Help : Web submenu that you can use to get more help on SuperMemo on the web