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Unlocking commercial SuperMemo

If SuperMemo asks you for a password or there is a red registration bar below the navigation bar, you are using a locked copy of SuperMemo. To unlock SuperMemo you will need an unlock password.

If you have just purchased SuperMemo, you will receive the unlock password within a business day. Until then you can still fully explore SuperMemo without the password.

To unlock SuperMemo, input the unlock password received in response to your order with File : Installation : Input password (Ctrl+I).

This red registration bar indicates that SuperMemo is locked:

Click here to register SuperMemo (credit used: 23%)

You are unlikely to ever need to input your password twice. However, in case you ever lost it, you can always have it resent (see: Shopping address in Contact via e-mail).

Important! If you do not receive the unlock password within two business days, please write to the Shopping address listed in Contact via e-mail. The most likely reason is that your mail was blocked by a spam filter, it was lost in delivery, or you have misspelled your e-mail address when buying the program. Make sure your e-mail return address is set correctly in your e-mail software. Make sure you can send and receive e-mail (e.g. try to send a message to yourself and then respond to it). In case you cannot get in touch via e-mail, please send us an alternative e-mail address, or simply leave your message at SuperMemoPedia.

If you do not like the whole concept of commercial applications, passwords, etc., you can use SuperMemo Freeware. Although SuperMemo 98/SuperMemo 2004 are over a decade older than SuperMemo 18, their repetition spacing algorithms are strong. SuperMemo 15 is now freeware too and you will like it if you need to use Unicode in your collections. If you order any of SuperMemo Freeware programs ($2), you will automatically be registered to qualify for Freeware Upgrade.

Only SuperMemo 17 or later brings repetition spacing to a new level. Older versions do not provide some of the improvements, such as prioritization (in case of SuperMemo 2004) or incremental reading (in case of SuperMemo 98); see Which SuperMemo? for more.

See also: Questions about buying and unlocking SuperMemo

Unlocking a demo of SuperMemo

When you use a demo version of SuperMemo, you are given a credit of 100 points. Once this credit is used up, by using SuperMemo, you will be asked to input the unlock password. The credit available is displayed in the parentheses on the red registration bar (see above).

You can use the following procedure to get help in unlocking your demo version of SuperMemo:

  1. Click the red registration bar to open the registration dialog box
  2. Fill out the fields Name, Country and Contact
  3. Click Register
  4. Respond with Yes to Send e-mail now?

Those steps will result in sending an e-mail with your data. In response you will receive further instructions (e.g. how to get the unlock password, how to get SuperMemo in return for writing learning material, how to buy a license, etc.).

Important! If you have already purchased SuperMemo, you do not have to register it! You have been registered at the moment of placing your order. The only thing you have to do is to unlock SuperMemo by providing the password with File : Installation : Input password (Ctrl+I). Your password will be sent in response to your order within a business day (see above).

Spread SuperMemo among your friends

The advantage of using the above complex lock/registration mechanism is that you can freely spread your SuperMemo among your colleagues without violating your user license!

Important! You can redistribute the following two files from the [SuperMemo] folder:

You must not redistribute your unlocked collections along with SuperMemo! Collections keep your password and registration data. Spreading them along with SuperMemo will violate your user license.

If you want to redistribute your own collections, you must use File : Installation : Lock before putting your collections on the web or passing them to your colleagues. Please write to us, if you have questions about redistributing your collections with SuperMemo.


We apologize for the inconvenience related to the registration process!

The goal of SuperMemo World is to popularize SuperMemo. We are happy to welcome every new member in the SuperMemo family. We would love to provide customers with a free working version of SuperMemo. At the same time, we could not forget that the company has to earn for its operations. On one hand, we cannot make all SuperMemos free or shareware; on the other, we cannot reward "clever" users with an easy way to circumvent the license fee, as we do not want to contribute to a world where it pays to live by hook or by crook.

Our experience shows that the shareware approach does not work for SuperMemo. In the years 1991-2016, we have gained thousands of users of freeware versions of SuperMemo 2, SuperMemo 5, SuperMemo 6, SuperMemo 7, SuperMemo 98 and SuperMemo 2004. At the same time, we received just a handful of shareware contributions while the number of support requests was a thousand times greater!

Remember! If you cannot afford SuperMemo, you can always use a freeware version or get the latest version in return for your participation in beta-testing or similar programs.


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Sent: Nov 11, 1998 | }} {{#if: |
Subject: | }}


I read that I am automatically registered upon my credit card purchase; however, I didn't get a password to remove the red stripe and hopefully display other program options I read about. I tried my order number which didn't work. Please email me some guidance. I can't wait to get started in using your program.


  1. You are automatically registered in our customer database and you can start using the program immediately
  2. Within a business day you will receive further instructions that will help you remove the red stripe. If there are persistent problems with e-mail communication, you can leave a note in SuperMemoPedia
  3. You do not need the password to use "other program options". It is enough you turn on the Professional mode with File : Level : Professional

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Country: Austria | }} {{#if: Nov 16, 1998 |
Sent: Nov 16, 1998 | }} {{#if: |
Subject: | }}


You have sent me an e-mail with the password to unlock SuperMemo, but where do I have to fill it in? When I click the red bar, SuperMemo asks me to send e-mail


You should use File : Installation : Input password (Ctrl+I) to provide the password. You do not have to register your copy at SuperMemo World. This is done automatically at placing the order

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