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Deprecated page

There is no toolbar dock in SuperMemo 18. The toolbars can now be found at the bottom of the element window. They are not dockable and they cannot float. This is how users wanted it.

This picture is now a memory from SuperMemo 8 through SuperMemo 17:

SuperMemo: Main menu and Toolbar dock

The toolbars moved to the element window:

  • Tools - toolbar with speed-buttons that provide one-click access to the most frequently used operations in SuperMemo. This toolbar also hosts a combo-box used to change the current tasklist. In the picture, the current tasklist is "Tasks"
  • Compose - toolbar with buttons that you will need to build your elements by adding components of different type (e.g. text, sound, image, HTML, etc.) and with different properties (e.g. font, color, transparency, sound file, etc.)
  • Format - toolbar with operations that you will need to edit HTML and rich text components (fonts, alignment, bullets, etc.) as well as some other editing options such as: copy element, paste element, editing and dragging modes, etc.
  • Read - toolbar with options used in incremental reading
  • Alarm - toolbar with an alarm timer and stop-watch